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The story of bake fresh, a creative Indian bakery shop Steeped in tradition, Bake Fresh is one of the Ludhiana’s oldest and finest bakery shops. It is considered a benchmark for the quality of its fresh cakes, its classic cookies and its creative gift packaging.

The story of bake fresh is a tale of harmony between tradition and creativity. Picture an elegant 21st century store in the heart of Ludhiana. More precisely in Model town, opposite RS model school. Here, in 2009, The Vani Foods-run bakery shop first opened its doors and through hard work and dedication, it earned an increasingly widespread reputation for its handmade confections.

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"The best bakery in the town"
"Awarded for the best cake design"
"Quality is our number one priority"
"Well known bakers in the Ludhiana"


Customers enticed inside by the imaginative window displays find themselves in a wonderland of temptations, where distinctive gift boxes decorated with brightly coloured flowers and ribbons enclose exquisite creations to delight the palate.

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